Peter works part time for 3 hours every day and Cindy works part time for 2 hours every day.A. If both of them get $4.50 an hour, write an inequality to compare Peter's and Cindy's earnings.B. What should Cindy's per-hour income be so that she earns at least $14 a day? Write an inequality and explanation of how to solve it.​

Accepted Solution

Answer:a. We can say that P > C, where 'P' represents Peter's earnings and 'C' represents Cindy's earnings. Given that P = 3h and C = 2h, where h =$4.50. We can say also that 3h > 2h.b. If Cindy wants to earn at least $14 a day working two hours. Then:2h β‰₯ Β $14To solve the problem, we just need to solve for 'h':h β‰₯ $7Therefore, se should earn more or equal to $14 per hour.